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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cinder Ella

okay, so i didn't really name ella cinderella, but does it count if i wish i had? something about it would have been so symbolic of my romantic ideals. always living in the fantasy, i suppose.

you know how they say that dogs and owners begin to resemble one another after awhile? although i don't have a beard or shaggy eyebrows, and i have only 2 legs instead of 3, ella very well could be a mini-representation of me. she loves to be around people, though she gets nervous around new ones, she's got spunk and energy, she's cute, and when she wants attention, she barks and growls at me. hmmm...

i honestly don't know what i would do without her. i'm sure there is a study, somewhere (but i haven't quite become technically savy enough yet to figure out how the heck to link to it - or have i?) that proves that petting an animal at least once a day is good therapy. i must be on the right track to some kind of therapeutic breakthrough since i rack up the ella cuddle time.

here's hoping everyone has someone like an ella!