cake lover?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

zestful zzzs

i'm guilty. i don't know from where it transpired, but i covet fancy sheets. almost embarrassed to admit it, my (one of many) guilty pleasures is the company store. i know i can't afford it. i know they are unnecessary. i know i can find something cheaper at bed, bath, & beyond, or target, or probably even Kmart. but i need to look. a girl can dream. and sometimes there are sales, and deals too irresistible to pass up, and sometimes there are holidays or birthdays...

these lemon lime sheets seemed the perfect summer sheet. crisp, bright, fruity, and light. and how could i say no to a $13 fitted sheet, a $12 top sheet, and $5 pillowcases? did it matter if i wasn't sure if my bed was a queen or a double? no. if they were too small, well, i would make them fit, or i would pass them on to someone else who might be able to use them.

they didn't fit. but i didn't care. i yanked one corner, i fought with another, i pushed another, and i almost gave up on the last one. my bed looked a little like an upside-down opened umbrella. i still didn't care. and the corners stayed on.

best sleep i've had, whether i get 8 hours or only 5.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

let me take you down

strawberry season doesn't last very long in vermont. picking starts mid-june, and by the end of the month, most berries are picked over or rotted. today was perfect for picking and i filled my flat in less than 20 minutes. it was a picking frenzy and now i've too many berries for one girl to eat. i have strawberry-stained shorts, but frozen smoothie berries for the winter.

summertime isn't summertime without strawberries. it's definitely summer here in burlington, complete with flash thunderstorms followed by hot, steamy days. i had a summer treat this week when i realized i had 8 hours of personal time to use up by the end of june. i spent my free hours kaying, reading, biking, on a very long lunch, strawberry picking, & yoga-ing, and i've realized that if i had my choice, i would never work again.

so far, my summer line-up looks a little like this:

~ discover jazz fest starts the summer buzz with outdoor seating, vermonters coming out of hibernation and descending upon church street for a taste of live music
~ summer camps in full swing at the flynn, running up and downstairs between studios fetching the needs of teaching artists and campers
~ flip flops & tank tops
~ sleeping with the fan on
~ bundling under the covers because of the A/C at paul's
~ iced tea with fresh lemon
~ raspberry and vanilla cremees with rainbow sprinkles
~ wet dogs
~ saturday morning jaunts to the farmer's market
~ strawberry picking & strawberry shortcake
~ franti concert on the Shelburne Museum Green
~ rainy day perusing on church street
~ the chew chew fest

and still to come:

~ boat rides, brown skin, & the smell of sunscreen
~ phantom theatre
~ 4th of july weekend at star lake
~ conquering a few adirondack peaks with uncle mark and jules
~ brewfest
~ the dreaded flynnarts summertime latin jazz week
~ AJ's house-warming party
~ blueberry picking and evening picnics
~ berry bramble pie
~ bike rides and sunsets
~ jimmy buffet coverband cruise
~ corn on the cob
~ fresh tomatoes
~ lake monster games
~ bonfires and s'mores
~ uncle arthur's 90th
~ labor day weekend at star lake

just like strawberry season, summer is over in a flash.