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Sunday, April 12, 2009

hoppy hoppy

my older sister wished me a happy easter this morning. she doesn't believe in easter. she believes in candy. she believes that jesus was most likely a good man who was crucified. i don't think she believes the whole coming back to life thing. of what i know about religion, the jews believe that jesus existed, hell -- jesus was a jew. but that he wasn't the messiah. the jews believe the messiah is still to come. let's hope so. i'm half jewish and easter was never a big to-do in my family. besides missing the kids and their easter egg hunt and my mom's ham, doing easter with my boyfriend's polish family wasn't a hardship. and, it actually turned out to be fun. i'd never eaten borscht before. and i'd never heard the fun stories or seen the cute pictures that i did this weekend.
i still don't know what i believe about easter and jesus and christianity and religion. i may never will. what i do like about easter time is that it's a time of growth, rebirth, renewal, & spring. this time (perhaps because of tax season) reminds me to take stock, appreciate what i have, plan for the future, spring clean, and be happy. and if i'm ever not happy, it reminds me to do something to remedy that situation.

hoppy hoppy.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

opening day: paigey gets to second base

a recent "titillating" conversation...

scene: after dinner, paige sits on aunt suzie's lap.

paige: suzie?

me: paigey?

p: why you wearing purple pig shirt? (remember people, she's almost 3, and she sometimes drops her pronouns)

me (thinking fast, because in actuality i grabbed it because it was the first clean thing i saw on my floor and i was going to eva's for a slumber party and was basically going to be in my pajamas anyway, and the purple pig shirt is sooo soft): because i knew i was going to see you paige, and i know how much you like purple and pigs.

p: oh.

scene: paige continues touching aunt suzie's shirt, right around the perfectly placed pig's snout and curly-Q tail. the touching becomes more like poking.

p: suzie?

me: paigey?

p: what are these?

me: well, paigey, those are my breasts.

p: why?

me: well, paigey, because, i'm a girl.

p: i'm a girl...

me: yes, you are a girl...

p (lifting up her shirt): i have breasts too, but mine are little.

me: yes, yours are little...

p: and yours are big.

me: yes, mine are bigger... one day yours will be bigger too.

p: so i can feed my baby.

me: right, so you can feed your baby. that's what breasts are for.

scene: paige continues to poke aunt suzie's breasts.

me: you know paige, not all women like it when you touch their breasts.

p: why?

good question.