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Thursday, June 08, 2006

a little time

phew. finally a little time to play catch up. how come there never seems to be enough time to connect with the people who really matter and my day is spent associating with people who don't matter as much?

so, a little update on me, and hopefully i'll keep this blog current enough that friends can peruse this regularly. i'm a little nervous about it. everyone blogs these days -- i'm always a little late with the times. and i always say "i'll never do that" and then i end up realizing it's cool and i do it too. like the time i vowed i would never wear "jesus shoes" and then bought myself two pairs of birkenstocks after everyone else had already been wearing them for years. and then when i bought them, i said at least i would never wear them with socks, but then eventually i did that too. my swearing off of capris only lasted so long too.

and so you find me here, writing this blog, just like everyone else seems to be doing these days. maybe not wholly original, but that doesn't mean i can't be.

noteworthy news: i just got a new laptop so hope to be doing this regularly. check back soon!


Eva the Deadbeat said...

i love your blog suzanne, more posts! more posts!

Sara McAlister said...

Hey Suz-- I can completely relate to swearing off things and then jumping onto the trend just a little bit later than everyone else. I was that way with 3/4 length shirts, as well as everything else you wrote about.

It is good to catch up this way, but I still want those monthly or every other month phone calls to hear your voice!

Talk to you later, Sara