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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

be mine swine

valentine's day would not be valentine's day without the color pink. let's take a moment to celebrate the color that makes heart day possible and also, perhaps, for those people who aren't fans of the big LOVE day, a bit unbearable.

pink: is for little girls; is the name of a rock star who has a song called "get the party started;" can be hot or light; is the beginning of the name of our little finger; is the color that pigs are. and that's what this post is really all about.i do believe that most people have a "thing" that they like to collect. if they don't, they should, for the simple reason that then it makes them easier to buy for. my grandmother loves owls and owns probably hundreds of figurines and stuffed animals and pictures and kitchen towels all featuring that wise old sage. She even has one of Picasso's owls (which I hope to one day inherit...). my mother is more a collector of anything flowers and anything red. dad is easy: golf. cathy benware: watermelons. mo: hello kitty. holly: frogs. kel: anything paris. what's your thing?
mine is and always has been pigs. i don't know why. maybe because i love charlotte's web. maybe because i felt like i could relate to them somehow. and, then there's the obvious fact that pigs are pink, my favorite color of course. way back when, if friends and family didn't know what to buy me, anything with a pig on it would be a good standby. if friends or family happened to pass by something pig-like, they would most likely think of me. i'm not sure if that is a good thing or not... one day i decided that i had enough pigs and much to the shock, horror, and dismay of my friends and family, i announced that i no longer wanted anything pig.

i still have a few practical, adult pig things, and every now and then, i appreciate the occasional pig gift. but mainly now i accept flowers, chocolate, purses, and scarves. here's hoping you enjoyed your valentine's day, that you received your "thing," and that you didn't make too much of a "squealer" out of yourself on valentine's day treats!

picture 1: real pig on church street walking around with its owner, but no leash.
picture 2: childhood pig collection (the pig with the purple bow is battery operated and walks, oinks, and wags its curly tail).
picture 3: adulthood pig collection (that's a pig cutting board and a pig pancake maker).
picture 4: what the inside of the bowl tells you after you finish an entire bowl of ice cream.


moun'ain girl said...

Love it! So cute. I want a pig. Oh, and I hope you never stop collecting purses or I will be out of gift ideas for you. Hmm, perhaps a pink pig purse....

Q_Monroe said...

ooh, i like the sound of that. what's your thing jules? just anything orange?

Jess said...

Cute lil' piggy! I hear that they make better pets than dogs...Ella watch out!

My aunt Julie used to be a pig fanatic as well until one day she put her foot down and said ENOUGH! Our family friend Judy is big into cows. Especially the black and white ones. Holly used to like she over that..I still think of her when I see them. Does golf count really? My dad likes golf too, but I can certainly not picture him liking anything but practical golf chochkies for him! Hmmm...for a while my "thing" was Origami. I got paper and books for my birthday and every christmas. Later it was "juggling"..clubs, balls and rings. I think when I was a lot younger I got a lot of kitty things...but kitties get old so much quicker than cows, pigs and frogs and owls!

Q_Monroe said...

of course -- how could i have forgotten about hol and her frogs. and kelly and anything paris. my dad really is into anything golf: golf balls, golf pillows, golf ties, golf shirts. one year i even got him an m&m dispenser playing golf. the man is insane. i usually think of your thing as anything "spanish-latino-nicaraguan-costa rican-etc."

by the by: did you hear the mardi gras is cancelled for this weekend due to too much snow!?!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

haw haw, i love the pink pig post AND it is good i did not know about this fixation of yours or you would have already gotten lots of pig things from me.

my fixation was once The Spice Girls and for years I got all things Spice-related. it cooled down for a bit and then I just got the Spice Girls polaroid camera in the mail. HELL YEAH! hurrah for VDay and fixations!

Maura said...

Ooooooooooohh! I feel like I have so many "things", Hello Kitty, Ther virgin mary, shoes, purses, I could go on and on!

ALso, on the valentine's day front, I tink spending Valentine's day with your girls is the way to go. It is such a setup otherwise. Next year I am having a girl party on Valentine's day, eating chocolate and drinking champagne. That way, I know I'll get EXACTLY what I want!!

Q_Monroe said...

that sounds fabulous. count me in!

Lesh said...

I never really had a "thing"...I like weird stuff. I'm just glad I am not one of those Tweety Bird people...dear god. I never knew about the Spice Girls obsession! Yowza!!

blog subject for future discussion: Am I nuts or is Heather Mills totally irrelevant??