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Sunday, July 27, 2008

woof woof ruf (translation: a day at the spa is in order)

yesterday, while i was yoga-ing, farmer's market shopping, wimpering, whining, & licking my broken heart wounds, julie, kristi, muddy, & oli were hiking camel's hump. as is evidenced by these pictures, they were dog-tired. muddy rolled in poop -- we think from her own species. oli found himself in some interesting pricker bushes. their owners were unable to love, hug, & kiss them properly when they were in such a smelly, dirty state.
a trip to the doggie spa was a necessity. julie had bocce plans with her recent ex-boyfriend, the professor, and i was the lucky aunt elected to take over.
with so many shampoo choices, oli couldn't figure out which would work best with his unmanageable curls. we finally decided to try our luck with "buddy wash" & "buddy rinse."
muddy wasn't too sure about the ramp. and oli jumped out of the tub, hanging from his leash.
thank goodness for our protective vinyl aprons.
after that, i needed a day at the spa. i finally treated danielle to her 30th birthday present & our paws are smoother & prettier too.

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