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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

spring spring

i, for one, am ready for spring. i’ve done my fair share of skiing, snow-shoeing, sledding, snow-ball fighting, windshield scraping, & bundling up in layers and layers. i’ve lost at least 3 pairs of gloves (or at least one half of said pairs), i’ve lost a scarf, a hat, and a beloved brooch, and i’ve sufficiently rubbed up against my sand & salted car enough to have turned my black down coat grey. one container of bag balm down and my hands still aren’t moisturized enough, not to mention my pallor! i’m tired of making fires and i’m tired of hibernating. last night i got stuck in my coat for 10 minutes before i could unsnag my zipper. let me out of this cave, dammit!

oh, have i got the fever. the spring cleaning, cabin fever, wanna plant, wanna run fever.

bring on the sunshine. bring on the warm weather and the barbequeing. bring on baseball season and biking!

march is not one of my favorite months; in fact, march is my worst month. it's long -- the longest a month can be -- 31 days, and oh so long after the short 28 day love month. march is grey and dull and warm, but then cold. it's a tease, and i hate it. usually a march vacation is the cure for me, but no vacation looms on my impoverished horizon.

however, my recent weekend was the perfect cure for me and for anyone else who has the fever. i highly suggest following the below steps for maximum march satisfaction.

pre-step: set clocks ahead way earlier than we have in the past. enjoy daylight till 7 pm!

step 1: pay library fines and take out new exciting titles that promise to rivet.

step 2: trip to home depot for supplies.

step 3: trip to hannaford's for supplies.

step 4: lime juice, cane sugar, bacardi, limes, mint, sugar, ice, spring cocktail glasses = MOJITOS. there's nothing like a limey drink to make you feel like spring.

step 5: jimmy buffet concert in your DVD player. open windows, turn on heat, wear your swimgear & crocs, turn up volume (until older lady neighbor asks you to turn it down).

step 6: get all dirty with soil and seeds.

step 7: after sun sets, shut windows, put sweatshirt on, and continue to sip fruity drink until you fall asleep.

step 8: wake up and go spring skiing with only a ponytail & sunglasses (plus clothing, duh) -- helmet & goggles not necessary!

monday will be hard, but friday comes quickly enough, especially if you partake of step 4 each night... (just kidding about 3 of the things i wrote up above).

it will be april before we know it kids!


MOJIE said...

I could not agree more on the March front! It's so long and cumbersome. I too started my veggies last weekend. Hopefully they are doing something under that grow light in my basement!

I find $50 well spent in March is a day of using the spa facilities at Topnotch. Outdoor heated pool and and whirlpool, indoor waterfall and pool. AMAZING lounge for the ladies, total relaxation and bliss no matter the weather!

Q_Monroe said...

thanks for reading (Mo?)

Our tomatoes have already sprouted! and the cilantro is peaking out. can't wait till it's warm enough to get them in the ground.

i'll keep topnotch in mind.