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Sunday, August 30, 2009

knight island

our camping shopping list looked like this: "coffee, white gas, & macncheese." our remember to bring next time list looked like this: "spray-in conditioner, camping chairs, & coffee."

hurricane dan was hot on our heels, and it was windy and wet, but we made the most of it. it was a very lucky weekend indeed. i spotted a garden snake, paul caught two fish, & we didn't capsize (but check out the size of some of those whitecaps!).

this is our second year in a row at knight island. the island is a remote little spot east of north hero, up near st. albans. there are only 7 campsites, each with their own lean-to, picnic table, firepit, & composting toilet. we had a sweet little spot right on the water and the blustering winds held the bugs at bay. the sites are spread out over the 185 acres and it feels like you're the only one there. except of course for ranger steve (paul's new idol).

ella & sierra had a blast, though they weren't that keen on the cleaning up part.

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