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Sunday, April 15, 2007

5 lb. *

i just discovered something. while looking for FAT pictures of myself, i came across only a few (please notice double chin in picture 1 and rolls in picture 2). this discovery by no means means that i am not a bit chubby. it merely means that i delete any bad picture of myself before posting to ofoto. looking through photos and starting to draft this blog in my head also helped me realize something else: i'm really not that chubby (or at least that's what all my unconditionally loving friends and family will/should assure me), perhaps just a little squishy in places with some jiggly bits. ah well, more to love, and as jules and i always reassure eachother, "we are good people."
but years of turning bright red after moments of physical exertion, of being picked last in gym class, and of being made fun of in elementary school, have slightly skewed my self-image. everybody's got something they wish they could physically change about themselves (and if they don't, they're lying).
almost 4 months ago now, i was inspired by my new & fabulous roommate hannah to join weight watchers. it really is a great program. so far, i've lost 15 lbs. and i've dropped almost 2 sizes! it's very exciting. when you first weigh in, they tell you that your first goal is to lose 10% of your current weight. depending on your age, height, sex, and daily activity level, you are assigned a certain number of "points" you can eat each day. Every single food item that you may ever allow to pass your lips does indeed have a point value, which can easily be determined by the fabulous ww sliding scale chart. it factors in calories, fat, and grams of fiber (which you soon realize is very very important -- the more fiber something has, the less points it is!) weight watchers have an amazing amount of point tricks up their sleeves -- have you heard of a 1 point English Muffin? or a 1 point wedge of cheese? what about the fact that most steamed vegetables don't even have a point value?! a single dove chocolate is only 1 point, so no need to deprive yourself of life's necessities. that is actually the point of ww -- eat in moderation, but no need to abstain. it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. i've got to be careful, or one of these days, i might actually be one of the ww preachers... or is it too late?
ww has little incentives too -- every week you lose weight you get a gold star sticker; every 5 lbs. you lose, you get a 5 lb. gold sticker star; when you lose your first 10%, you get a keychain that is shaped as a 10; when you reach your ultimate goal, you get a gold star charm to fit on your keychain; and when you've maintained your ultimate goal weight for longer than 6 weeks, you are officially a lifetime member and no longer have to pay monthly dues, even if you gain all the weight back! i got my keychain already, now i'm working on my 4th 5 lb. *
well, just wanted to catch you all up on some of the somethingsomething i've been up to lately and to include some rather hilarious pictures of yours truly. hopefully next time, i'll be DOWN to somethingsomething more and fitting into my size sixes quite comfortably!


Eva the Deadbeat said...

baby, you are beautiful, an eye-catching stunner, a knock out and then some! and you are funny too! who else purposefully posts "bad" photos of themselves? i love it and i love you and damn, you are getting tiny! don't disappear! and thanks for sharing your tale, you got guts too! ah miss monroe, you are the whole package! ;)

Anonymous said...


You are beautiful to me, but I am just a bit biased.

I am truly amazed and in awe of your accomplishment. Keep it up - or down as the case may be!!

Love ya!!


jess said...

Congrats Suz!

It must feel great to be kickin your old pants sizes to the curb!
Just in time for summer too!

Keep up the good work you sexy mama.

Q_Monroe said...

thanks guys! i had the craziest dream last night. my ceiling was a big fat cake. and it kept coming closer and closer to me, and i said, no, this is a dream, and my friend next to me said, so, let's just try it. and we did. and i grabbed handfuls and handfuls of cake and frosting and gorged myself. and the best part was, it really did taste like cake and frosting and i no longer have my gorging urge to eat lots and lots of cake. phew.

jess said...

Just one question...

When I have dreams like that, I wake up and I am actually doing the things I did in the dream.

Did you wake up eating your pillow??

Q_Monroe said...

i wasn't eating my pillow, but miss ella was mightily surprised to find her foot in my mouth! :-)

Jess said...

well now you know that her tootsies taste like frosting!