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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

meet: julie

this is julie, she is my younger, 27 year old sister. she is biking across the country at the moment -- on her aurora 800 hybrid, mind you, not her motorcycle or her moped, or anything woosy like that. oh yes, she and armin and ross left lincoln park, nj a few weeks ago, have biked between 40 and 80 miles each day, have camped out on church lawns and near town creeks. they have gone 7 days without a shower or laundry. she is now resting up in chicago for a few days (and finally reading HP 7).

check out her blog because it's fabulous and so are armin's and ross'. julie inspires me to do many things, including start up my own blog again. julie does not however inspire me to ride my bike to portland, OR. she can make me proud by doing that all by herself and i'll stay here and have a very comfortable bum.


Anonymous said...

Looks good Suz. Testing here to see if I can post on this blog. I sort of doubt it as I don't have an account for either google or Blogger.
Uncle Mike

moun'ain girl said...

Well Suz, I see you have picked up some of Mom and Dad's favorite habits-presenting the "truth" with your own spin. I am riding across country on a Jamis Aurora. I am not sure where you got the 800 part, or the hybrid part. It is a touring bike.

Also, I am still 26, not 27, and I am not quite as crazy as I look in that first picture, although at the end of a long day of biking I am nearly that crazy.

moun'ain girl said...

Oh, and I went 10 days without a shower!

Q_Monroe said...

whoops. good thing i have you as my editor. get out now!

Marg said...

Excuse me!! But I NEVER, I say NEVER have spun the truth in my own way. How could you accuse your loving parents of such a thing?

And I know that you are 26, even if some people don't.

Offended in Malone,


Jess said...

I was excited to see a new posting! Congrats Julie- looks like you're having a great time! Can't wait to see you and share stories Suz!