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Sunday, November 18, 2007

soxy sox

last weekend i went to fairfield, vt with eva while she filmed her weekly seven days vlog, stuck in vermont, at the cabot hosiery mills annual sock sale. cabot mills is the only sock manufacturer in the state of vermont. purely homegrown -- now that's something to be proud of. every year, the mill workers clean off their factory floors and replace the machinery with tables and pile piles of socks upon them: merino wool socks, cashmere socks, wick-away socks, darn tough socks, army socks, sports socks, fancy socks, dress socks. soxy soxy socks.

i could feel the frenzy before i even entered the building. i just knew i would be tempted to knock down those grandmas who were holding the socks i wanted. but i didn't need to worry -- there were enough socks to go around. check out the video here and don't miss the frenzy next year:

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

SOOOOOOOCKS! thanks for coming to sock sale with me!!!