cake lover?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

turkey day


gobble gobble
gobble gobble gobble



happy thanksgiving!back to weight watchers tomorrow!


moshix2 said...

OMG!! Your Turkey looks awesome!!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

WOW! WHat a cake! Sachie Tani was here! ;)

Sara said...

I will always remember T-day at your parents place when I was living in MA. The food was sooo good! We had something like 3 or 4different kinds of pie!

Mr. Benchly said...

We don't post enough. By the way, I moved my blog from Livejournal to Blogger. I'm a huge Blogger fan and it's all because of YOU. Of course, now I need to post more than once a year.

Anonymous said...

Suz when are you going to update this blog. it's been awhile
Uncle Mike