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Sunday, April 12, 2009

hoppy hoppy

my older sister wished me a happy easter this morning. she doesn't believe in easter. she believes in candy. she believes that jesus was most likely a good man who was crucified. i don't think she believes the whole coming back to life thing. of what i know about religion, the jews believe that jesus existed, hell -- jesus was a jew. but that he wasn't the messiah. the jews believe the messiah is still to come. let's hope so. i'm half jewish and easter was never a big to-do in my family. besides missing the kids and their easter egg hunt and my mom's ham, doing easter with my boyfriend's polish family wasn't a hardship. and, it actually turned out to be fun. i'd never eaten borscht before. and i'd never heard the fun stories or seen the cute pictures that i did this weekend.
i still don't know what i believe about easter and jesus and christianity and religion. i may never will. what i do like about easter time is that it's a time of growth, rebirth, renewal, & spring. this time (perhaps because of tax season) reminds me to take stock, appreciate what i have, plan for the future, spring clean, and be happy. and if i'm ever not happy, it reminds me to do something to remedy that situation.

hoppy hoppy.

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Jersey said...

the housemates are friends, but they're not yet truly close friends...we live together well enough, but it's not the same as like with Erin and know?