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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

opening day: paigey gets to second base

a recent "titillating" conversation...

scene: after dinner, paige sits on aunt suzie's lap.

paige: suzie?

me: paigey?

p: why you wearing purple pig shirt? (remember people, she's almost 3, and she sometimes drops her pronouns)

me (thinking fast, because in actuality i grabbed it because it was the first clean thing i saw on my floor and i was going to eva's for a slumber party and was basically going to be in my pajamas anyway, and the purple pig shirt is sooo soft): because i knew i was going to see you paige, and i know how much you like purple and pigs.

p: oh.

scene: paige continues touching aunt suzie's shirt, right around the perfectly placed pig's snout and curly-Q tail. the touching becomes more like poking.

p: suzie?

me: paigey?

p: what are these?

me: well, paigey, those are my breasts.

p: why?

me: well, paigey, because, i'm a girl.

p: i'm a girl...

me: yes, you are a girl...

p (lifting up her shirt): i have breasts too, but mine are little.

me: yes, yours are little...

p: and yours are big.

me: yes, mine are bigger... one day yours will be bigger too.

p: so i can feed my baby.

me: right, so you can feed your baby. that's what breasts are for.

scene: paige continues to poke aunt suzie's breasts.

me: you know paige, not all women like it when you touch their breasts.

p: why?

good question.

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