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Monday, June 01, 2009

not karma this time, just plain stupidity

two things you need to know for this story:

1. when i was a little girl my grandparents nicknamed me wifty, for i was always forgetting, losing, or misplacing something and had a general spaciness about me.

2. this saying: "if you don't like the weather in VT, wait 5 minutes" and this illustration by dug Nap:

yesterday was truly a VT weather day. it really did do almost all of those things -- sun, hail, rain, sleet, rainbows, freezing cold temps, then really hot temps.

during a sunny part of the day, i took a quick car ride and left my windows rolled down.

during a rainy part of the day, i ran to my car to roll the windows up.

during a cloudy part of the day, i decided to get a nice cool run in. this is when i realized i had left my keys in the ignition and the ignition turned on. my car was dead.

during a sunny part of the day, while my car was hopefully recharging itself (no such luck), i went for a kayak. it threatened to be windy, and to possibly rain, so this smarty pants put on her windbreaker and stuck her phone in her pocket.

during a warm part of the day, while huffing and puffing carrying my kayak to the water, i took my windbreaker off and wrapped it around my waist.

during a windy part of the day, while i was huffing and puffing and paddling into the wind, i realized that something was dragging in the water. it was my cell phone pocket.

during a very very windy, so windy part of the day that lake water was splashing into my kayak, i took my cell phone apart and tried to dry it off. and then, for safe keeping, i zipped the 3 pieces of my cell phone into what i thought was my very secure pocket, when in actuality, it was my pit zip (mind you, the jacket was still wrapped around my waist, so it was hard to tell what was what, but seriously wifty, don't you think you should have double checked, considering your first two mishaps of the day?).

during a rainy part of the day, as i was pulling my kayak up onto the beach, my neighbor called to me that i had just dropped something. and so, during that rainy part of the day, i retraced my steps and luckily (yeah right) found the other 2 pieces of my cell phone that had fallen out of my pit zip, nestled safely in the grass.

then, during another rainy part of the day, my next door neighbor kindly helped me jump my car.

during a sunny part of the day, danielle & i decided to go get a drink and sit outside on church street to enjoy the sun (though i had to drive over to make contact & this plan with her because i still don't have internet at the lake and as you very well know, my cell phone was out of service). it started hailing on my way over, but i was way too frustrated at this point to go home to cover our tomato plants!

during a windy windy windy, so windy part of the day that i could not see through the wreck that was my hair, danielle & i were nearly blown over and had to cancel our outside drink plans and settle for pho hung.

during a rainy part of the day(time) of the night, i watched silly british tv with eva and enjoyed some hot tea and popcorn, cozy in her house away from the wet whistling wind.

the weather pattern continued late into the night. i came home to find a very large tree branch on the front yard and i couldn't even call anyone or take a picture and send it to someone (who was seeing a rainbow over Phish @ Fenway...)

p.s. sadly, the purpley-pink phone with the very fun ringtones is dead as a doornail. i've got my trusty silvery-grey cracked old phone working now though.


Jersey said...

Oh, how I miss VT! I've got nothin' but heat and sunshine here!

Q_Monroe said...

and oh! how vt misses you.