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Sunday, June 07, 2009

oh the week i've had!

sunday, 5/31:
a: killed my car's battery.
b: took my cell phone for a drag in the lake

wednesday, 6/3: woke up to bunny screams. saved a bunny from my cat (more on the fact that i even have a cat later).

thursday, 6/4: fell out of the boat while disembarking, onto a rock, smack on my tailbone. tears ensued.

sunday, 6/7:
struck a deer at 5 am, driving home from the mansfield, ma phish show. waited in lebanon, nh till 9 am when the car rental place finally opened.

will my luck ever turn around?


MOJIE said...

Oh Suz!!! I'm so sorry. This is terrible. I feel like bad things happen in threes and since you seem to have had a run of 33 things I think you are in the clear!!!!

Q_Monroe said...

thanks Mo! actually, i think i may have secured renters and they are fixing my car while i drive around a fancy prius, so perhaps my luck is turning around!

moun'ain girl said...

oh my! what a week, or month, or something. luckily a weekend at camp solves all (right?)!

MOJIE said...

Hoe do you like driving the prius? I LOVE mine! I'm glad things are looking up!

Q_Monroe said...

the prius is great, except for it smelling like an ashtray and all.