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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i heart clouds

i love clouds. they are fluffy and white and i just wish i could grab them all up and hug them in like a warm soft down blanket.

that is why i took the opportunity this afternoon to cut myself a nice big piece of cloud. boy did i create an offasty stir! it just so happened that there was an office birthday with office cake, and as happens with offices, most people sit at their desks all day and don't exercise and are always dieting and claim that they are not eating said birthday cake even though they really want to. and then they beg everyone else to eat the cake so that it won't tempt them.

i hate dieting and i've never been one to deprive myself of anything. so i pay no attention to these abstainers, except for the part when they say "eat the cake," and i eat the cake.

just as much as i love clouds, i love cake. i also love frosting, especially frosting roses. remember when you were little and at a friend's birthday party and everyone whined as the cake was cut and pieces doled out: "can i have the rose?," "i want a rose," "i want the pink one," "i want the red one..." somehow it seemed to me like i never got a rose.

(side note: my dream cake is a circle cake with a single red rose in the middle, surrounded by orange roses, surrounded by yellow roses, surrounded by green, then blue, then purple roses, and the roses just keep going out and out in a larger circle, in rainbow order until the entire cake is covered in roses. that way everyone gets a rose! and i just know that someday my sister jennie, who is a master cake decorator, will make my dream cake come true.)

(and on another side note: an assignment i once had in elementary school was to think about what i would love a pool to be filled with instead of water. my first thought was spaghetti and meatballs. wouldn't that just be so cool to go diving in spaghetti? but my second thought was a pool full of m&ms. and dream cake #2 was born: a dog-legged pool cake filled with m&ms and also a diving board. jennie?)

but, the cake that i ate today was rainbows and clouds, a close to many of my favorite things. i gave in to the dieters' wishes, and i ate the cake. actually, i ate the center of the cake.

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

you crack me up! it is kind a funny that our entire office is o a diet but any food item left out in the kitchen gets eaten in about 5 seconds flat...hmmmm....and a pool full of spagetti - EWWW! sorry but eww!!!

i love it that you ate the clouds and there were shouts of, "Who ate the center?" coming from the kitchen! and i love it that you owned up! you got guts miss cloud eater!