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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

yuletide cheer

ah the holidays! i decorated my charlie brown xmas tree tonight. eva and i bought our christmas trees from city market yesterday ($20 to benefit COTS -- not a bad bargain -- a tree and a good deed!). it's crooked, misshapen, and the branches are still kind of all bunched up against the trunk, but the weight of the ornaments and lights seems to be doing its job.

i have been feeling so adult lately -- not only do i own my own place, but i have an entire box full of christmas decorations! on good advice from jennie, i have purchased at least one ornament for myself each year since i started trying this whole adult thing. this year danielle and i bought each other a friendship, hungarian, blown out, hand-painted egg. i have also amassed ornaments from various students over the years, post holiday sales, and hand-me-downs. when mom replaced her tree topper with an elegant red velvet saint nick, i proudly inherited our old angel. and since g'ma t is a pro cross-stitcher, i happen to be one of the lucky 5 grandchildren who has her very own 12 days of christmas tree skirt.

traditions are my favorite part of christmas. the comforting warmth of routine exercised with such love just can't be beat. every year since i was wearing feet pajamas, we have been allowed to open one present on christmas eve. i love that i can always count on a new pair of flannel pjs on december 24th. (except for the year that dad forgot to label which presents were the pjs and i opened up a purple sweater, turtleneck, sock combo...)

years ago, mom started buying each of us a snowbaby that was themed around the events of our year. the year i took astronomy, i got an astronomer, the year jules joined hockey, she got a hockey player, the year i tried to take my kiribati dog home with me, i got a snowbaby and her dog. mom used to display all of our figurines together, but since we've left the nest, our snowbabies have had to separate. i wonder what i'll get this year...

though the meaning of christmas, or the yuletide, or the holidays, or whatever it is we must call it these days to remain pc, has morphed from what it originally was, what remains at its heart is people trying to be as good and as loving and as caring and as grateful as they can be. whether we show it with presents or traditions or donations or charity, i have to believe that like the lights of the christmas trees, we're all trying as best we can to shine our light onto others and to celebrate the beauty that is life.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Suzanne my lovely, this is a beautiful post and made me all warm and fuzzy and so glad to know you!

i think you are right on about the holiday spirit and i think this blog post gave me a whiff of it! i am thankful for my funny looking tree that hangs to the side, for the bits of snow we are getting, and my wonderful family and great friends like you to share these times with!

thanks for sharing your holiday traditions, you are a natural blogger!

xoxo eva xoxo

ps and miss ella is the cutest!

Q_Monroe said...

thanks eva! i was worried i was being too corny, but perhaps that is what i do best!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the post... It gave me christmas spirit. I hope to see you over Christmas.

Love, Stephanie

Anonymous said...


Somehow the "e" of your name was deleted... sorry. lol.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

too corny! NO SUCH THING!

love from your corny pal!
xoxo eva xoxox