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Sunday, December 10, 2006


i babysat for baxter and baby paige tonight while their parents had a rare night out. now, i don't know who in their right mind would have let me, or any other 13-year old, for that matter, babysit their child when i was 13 -- but that is indeed when i started babysitting. and i was scared out of my mind. i didn't know what to do with a baby! i was always worried that i was doing something wrong and that the parents would be very unhappy when they got home. many times i called my mother in a panic and she would come help stop a crying baby who had been crying for over an hour. those were the days.

but babysitting my niece and nephew is a different story. i suppose it helps that i am now 28, over two times older than i was when i first started babysitting. or possibly that i was in the delivery room when both of them came into this world and we share a special bond. but mainly it is that they are so damn fun.

these are some of the fun and silly things that were said and done tonight: skump instead of skunk over and over again until we were in a fit of giggles and until baxter finally got the "unk" right; playing peak-a-boo with baxter's feet and suzie's eyes; baxter saying in perfect english, "naya (danielle's dog) is getting old;" baxter telling us that his friend "f*ck" was coming to his party next weekend (not really sure what he was trying to say, but it sure sounded bad and also he was playing with a duck at the time...); baxter getting out of bed after i'd already turned off the lights and shut the door, playing with his bongo drum that lights up and makes music, and telling me that he was having a "dance party;" baxter farting and peeing in the tub; baxter seeing a mommy dog and a baby dog that looked quite like oliver (julie's dog) in his bedtime book and saying, "there's two olivers"...

the list goes on and on, but i have to remember that not everyone is as enthralled with kids or baxter as i am.

oh, and i guess the fun and silly things that were said and done, were mainly done by baxter. paigey is too little to be funny yet, but she is the sweetest niece i've ever had. she takes her bottle like a pro, bounces up a storm in her jumperoo, and falls asleep so peacefully in the crook of my arms. she's damn cute too.

they just make the world that much better.

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

awwww, baxter said the F word! they sound like loads of fun Auntie Suzie! and i bet they smell real good too! love that baby smell! no, not that one, the other one!