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Thursday, May 22, 2008

back by popular demand

i have heard from uncle mike, holly, jess, and stranger seth that it has been far too long since i've written a blog post. i have no excuse. i'm not all blogged out as some might think. it's not that i lost my camera because i didn't. i just got busy. and then i got uninspired. truthfully, i haven't really been re-inspired, but there is much to report on.

1. i turned 30 last week. (note personal glass of white sangria)

2. paul and i went to disney world in december and lake tahoe in march. (tahoe was more fun)

3. my father turned 60 and we threw him a very nice party and then went to boston for a duck tour and a red sox game. (they won)

4. i started up my own cake decorating business, "let them eat cake" which you should definitely check out and tell your friends. (still not making much $ yet)

5. i joined facebook as my dog ella, just so i could play scrabble with julie, but then became addicted to networking and growing my e-garden.

6. i also became addicted to yoga. i just did my first unassisted handstand last week! (if you don't count the wall...)

6 is a good number. i will stop at 6.

dear & faithful readers, i cannot promise that i will write often. but i do appreciate your support and kind words.


Jess said...

You're back! I happened to stop by your blog after checking out your photos on face book. I was just explaining to Joel how addicting the online garden is and how you get to send cooler plants than me. He doesn't understand.

Q_Monroe said...

mwwwoo haha haha. i have been e-gardening for much longer than you. someday perhaps you will catch up to me. thanks for reading!

Mr. Benchly said...

Ahem! Stranger Seth? Don't you mean Stranger Benchly? And I walked by you today outside of Old Navy so we're no longer strangers. Now we're Burlington Residents Who Walked By Each Other The Other Day.

Anonymous said...

testing to see if this darn typepad will work