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Monday, January 08, 2007

eva's gone...

eva has left the flynn! when i first interviewed with the flynn's education department, eva immediately struck me as someone with whom i desperately wanted to be friends, but someone with whom i was just probably not cool enough to actually be lucky enough to become friends with. little did i know. she wore bright, hip clothing, was artsy and confident, and had a certain je ne sais pas...

in my first days at the flynn, eva celebrated her birthday and went off to what i soon learned was her annual exodus to shelburne farms -- her dream home in which she escaped reality by going back in time to antebellum tea times, lounging on gorgeous day couches, reading musty books, strolling through the gardens, playing billiards in the game room, wishing that every other guest would go away so that she, her sister, and her mother could enjoy their lovely home to themselves. while i had been to the farms, i had never realized its vastness or that there was an inn with different colored rooms and a black and white tiled floor parlor in which to eat! eva brought back a calendar from her trip and got me hooked on shelburne farms -- one of the first things eva introduced to me.

next i was to find out that eva had her very own public access show -- the deadbeat club. she filmed this monthly, hour-long show with her sister and mother, and produced, edited, and snipped it to perfection with her own skill, experience, and pure inspiration. her show includes weekly updates, news reports on today's hottest and dumbest stars, impersonations of said stars with their faces taped on to barbie dolls and voiced over by eva and her sister, tales of life in california, babes of the month, dance, picture, and music montages of every theme imaginable, and oh so much more. my first thought was how i would LOVE to get to cameo on her show. would i ever get to be good enough friends with her to get to be on the deadbeat club? i was given pins, and then a t-shirt, and then finally, eventually, i was given a cameo on the show! i felt so honored and excited -- i got to wear authentic 70s & 80s thrift store finds from eva's closet, make myself up with some of the reddest lipsticks and bluest eyeshadows, fashion some very large earrings, and be as dramatic as i could possibly be. watching eva work, whether it's behind the camera, in front of the camera, or at her very large computer screen that is also connected to a tv and to about 8 hard drives that she's named jane austen and bronte and other such names, is inspiring in itself. and then, getting to see yourself in her eyes -- well that just takes the triple chocolate mousse cake! check out some of eva's masterpieces that i got to star in and then check out the rest of her youtube vlog creations:

1: where is my mind?
2: the offasty 1: burnt toast
3: the offasty 2: stolen yogurt
4: the offasty 3: losing aimee
5: the offasty 5: room with a view

eva's blog & vlog have been mentioned in seven days and in the burlington free press, and she is going to make it bigtime sometime soon, i just know it! eva is the one who introduced me to blogging and encouraged me to start my very own somethingsomething blog. she taught me how to create links and embed youtube videos.

let's see other things about eva: she beats me hands down on sex and the city knowledge (and i thought i had that one in the bag); makes a killer mojito; speaks in a british accent flawlessly; dances cabaret jazz like fosse; sings "diamonds are a girl's best friend" better than marilyn monroe herself; loves the sunshine; reads more books, watches more movies, and drinks more tea than anyone i know; knits personal wrist warmers for her dear friends; frequents mirabelle's just as often as me; is the best damn secret IM/chat partner i've ever had; is deeper than the deepest chasm in the ocean; is the best listener and crier EVER; is incredibly strong and inspiring; and many many other things. you'd have to be crazy (or on cocaine and a fugly loser nobody sex-fiend) to let this girl go. (she would be my lover and my betrothed if it weren't for our being straight and all).

that's why i'm so glad i don't have to let her go. eva's not gone -- she's just going back to school to follow her dreams of web design and to feed her technological hunger. mark my words, we'll all be seeing her soon!

good luck eva! i'll miss you in the offasty, but am happy to know that you're much more happier out there than in here!


Eva the Deadbeat said...

OMG! Suzanne! YOU ARE AMAZING! that is the sweetest, most wonderful and ... oh shucks, the first EVER blog post to make me cry. seriously, i am crying and smiling and blushing as i drink my big cup of tea and have my first official real day off.

you are really the best and i swear, i would snatch you up in a minute to be my betrothed if i didn't know Mr Perfect was around the bend for you (and he is!).

sigh, it warms my cold, cold heart that you could say all those nice things and that you can see me for who i really am and like my weird and funny parts too.

you are a fabulous girl Suzanne Monroe and it has been nothing but a pleasure getting to know you and see who you really are. underneath that sometimes demure exterior is a hilarious sex kitten with excellent comic timing, sexy dance moves and confidence just oozing! so make sue to let a little bit of Suzanne Monroe seep into your everyday life cause she is a hoot!

so glad to know you and so glad to still be able to see you and IM and chat! hugs and kisses and thanks so much for being the best buddy ever!!!!

Q_Monroe said...

gee thanks eva. glad it made your day. it's all true!

la-la-lani said...

Damn, it seems that I missed the good old days at The Offasty. Bleh. Miss Suz, we'll just have to sass + crass it up.

(Why does the Marketing Dept. come off so badly in that cake photo. Tracey looks scared and I look like Stimpy.)

Q_Monroe said...

we WILL sass it up. you and i have enough pizzazz in our little pinkies to make this place at least liveable/workable in -- i hope!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

oh yes, the Offasty will live on! you two got sass and crass in spades!