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Friday, January 12, 2007

suz posts about eva, eva posts about suz, suz posts about eva again

eva posted about my post about her (read her post)! aaaawwww. we're so halmarky cheesy corny, it's enough to puke. how come nobody ever comments on my blog except eva, lani, and me? come on friendly readers, make a blog girl's day and write some comments!

post post post. isn't that a funny word?


Jess said...

blog is a funnier one.
I don't really think b, l and g should be combined in one word...very akward. Hmm...
I guess "bling" isn't bad, maybe its the "o" that ruins it for me!

Keep on postin'!

(& CU2nite)

Q_Monroe said...

hoorah! thanks for being a new commenter jess! blog is a funny word, short for weblog, which i'm sure you know. vlog is pretty funny too -- videolog.

my dad always says, "read your blob suz, keep up the good work." funny man. wonder if he's technologically savy enough to read the comments and comment himself. are you up for the challenge dad?

see you tonite -- can't wait. mmm, definitely off weight watchers for tonight. can't wait to chow on baked brie and yummy wines.

let me know what else you might need!

Not Eva or Lani or Lesh said...

this is NOT anyone you know! i am just a nobody who enjoys your blog! keep it up you fine, fine blog writer you!

Q_Monroe said...

gee, thanks! that's what i've been waiting for (even if you are really just one of my friends pretending to not be my friend).

Ella, Your Loving Dog said...

Dear Mom,

You are the best mom a dog could have. You take me for walks and let me cuddle up with you at night! And you even blog about me sometimes too!

Did you know that i read your blog during the day when you are at work? It helps to pass the time until you get home again.

When you are home with me I am truly happy. I LOVE YOU MOM!

xoxo Ella xoxox

PS i have an idea - how about you bring me home a steak for dinner tonight?

Eva the Deadbeat said...

hee hee, look at all your posts! this blog referral is getting a wee bit META here. i am not even sure what the hell meta means but i think it applies.

aw Suz, gotta love it! glad you are in the blogasphere with me!

xoxo eva xoxo

Q_Monroe said...

ella! no wonder my keyboard has been smelling like doggie biscuits! well, i love you too. and you know steak is not on your diet.

Jess said...

...just for accuracy's sake...this was NOT my first posting! =) Please refer to episodes "cinder-ella" and "great minds" and you will notice some earlier posted acknowledgements of your cool bloggyness.

Fun that you have secret viewers out there in the blogging world. Fun partay! Thanks to all of those Suz-blog viewers that attended, we had a great time!

Have fun in the snow today!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thanks for the party Jess! Your condo is bootiful!

Q_Monroe said...

oops sorry jess -- you're right -- you have commented before. thanks! and so has lesh and stephanie. hope i haven't left anyone else out!