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Monday, January 01, 2007

nye 2007

i'm not usually a big fan of new year's eve. i mean, it's just the turning from one month to another. it's not like we celebrate when january turns to february or when march turns to april. besides, there are so many different calendars out there, who's to say it's a new year? but mostly i'm not a fan of the evening because i usually don't have any special plans and i'm always convinced that everyone else in the world (who celebrates new year's on 12/31) is having way more fun than me. plus this year i was to spend nye as a single, with no one to kiss at the big ball drop. poor me. so, i actually made plans this year. big plans. with lots of girlfriends too. the ECHO center down at the waterfront, a science museum/aquarium hosted a party at their amazing venue. $25 to party with the sturgeons and the turtles! five different genres of music (80s, hip hop, funk, techno, bands, etc.) were pumping from dj stations tucked in different nooks and crannies throughout the museum. my favorite place was the bow of the sunken boat, so dark and cavelike. the perfect place to spike our $2 sodas with the rum and gin filled flasks we'd snuck in for economic purposes. fireworks at midnight and then an incredibly slippery freezing ice storm topped off the evening. the cab ride home was hysterically drunken with danielle, sarah, julie, em, and i making friends with the cabbies and the other passengers. this morning was spent lounging around, reminding each other of what actually happened last night, discovering bruises, and nursing hangovers with coffee and sticky cinnamon buns, movies, and more lounging. while i may not have had someone to kiss last night, i had my girlfriends and may i just say how happy i am to have all of them. i made it to the new year. hoorah! as much as i love the holidays, i'm also relieved to see them wind down and for life to go back to normal. my charlie brown tree is gone, pine needles vacuumed, and holiday decorations put away for another year. a yummy chicken parm and brownie hot fudge sundae dinner cooked by jules and me awaits the family for a new year's day celebratory dinner. really, what more could i ask for? hello 2007!
(post script: just wanted to leave you with this fabulous image from last night. hope this guy made it up the icy hill alright!)


Eva the Deadbeat said...

suzanne monroe, you really are a doll and i would say the highlight of my evening was watching you march up to the front of the booze line (about 200 people deep) and grab cokes and tonics with a casual savoir faire. you never fail to amaze me!

my next best moment was watching you and scott craftily spike the $2 drinks in the shipwreck and all over the party (so there roaming mr security men!!). hats off to you two flask-carrying renegades.

and best of all were the amazing fireworks and knowing great gals like you!

happy new years!

PS that fellow with the spike heels made me feel better about my impractical 4 inch gold sparklers - yowzer!

la-la-lani said...

There were roaming security men??? We were openly chugging from my flask of vodka, and nobody said a word.

Lesh said...

Happy (belated) New Year! Wish I was there...miss you all very much.